August Burns Red has been upholding the artistic pillars of technical proficiency, airtight grooves, and thoughtful lyricism in the hard rock world for 17 years. The two time Grammy Award-nominated Pennsylvania quintet show no signs of slowing down with their eighth full length, Guardians. “Guardians is the culmination of a complete and total team effort,” says JB Brubaker. “It was the most time we've ever spent in the studio on one album.” Guardians remains true to August Burns Red’s heavy sound; 11 tracks that have a common theme of helping others. “The song ‘Defender' is about having that person who can come in and take some punches for you, and be in your corner during hard times,” says Brent Rambler. “I am quite the comic book fan and I thought the lyrics could easily turn into an awesome animated short story – kind of like if the pages of a comic were to come to life.”

August Burns Red- Guardians